Arnava Yoga Studio offers Yoga and Pilates - make space in your week for peace and stillness

Sun Power Yoga - a flowing style of yoga taking inspiration from the sun, its power, heat and light helping us to find the light within.

You don't have to be super bendy to be a yogi, nor really strong. Whether you already do another sport or are just looking for a new and different activity to practise, yoga is ideal.

Pilates is great for improving strength and flexiblity as well as your posture or even relieve back pain. 

All classes are small and with plenty of individual attention there is opportunity to work on your own needs.

You don't have to be young, flexible or a girl - Pilates is for everyone no matter how fit you are.

We offer one to one tuition, private classes, workshops and retreats.

For class timetables, fees etc please go to our arnava yoga studio site.